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Policies and Standards

Contacting Faculty

It is up to the individual faculty member to inform you about their availability outside of class. Generally speaking, if you email your professor for help, you can expect a response within 2 business days.

If you need help debugging your code, please make an appointment with your professor during their office hours so that you can work through the solution together.

Lectures & Student Conduct

Please Note: The following is taken directly from the Graded Work section of the website:


We have planned six (6) tests during the term, each worth 10% of your final course grade.

The duration of each test will range from 30 to 35 minutes. Each test will be available on My.Seneca for 24 hours on the day discussed with your professor.

If you miss a test, there is no opportunity to do a replacement test. However, absence due to illness or other reasons happen occasionally. As a result, you can miss up to one (1) test, without suffering the loss of grades.

The effect of this policy will be extended to all students. At the end of the course, your lowest test result will be discarded, leaving your best five results for a total of 50% of your final grade.


We have planned six (6) assignments during the term.

Most assignments have a two-week lifetime. Most are independent of each other. If you do not submit an assignment by the due date, its grade is zero, and there is no opportunity to earn marks for a late submission.

Each assignment will be worth 9% of your final course grade, exept the first assignment which is worth 5%. The total value of all assignments will be 50%.

Submission Policy

Important Note: Posting your assignment solutions anywhere online (ie: stackoverflow, public gitHub repositories, etc.) constitutes a violation of Seneca College’s Academic Integrity Policy, ie: “Obtaining or attempting to obtain, or aiding another to obtain, credit for work or improvement in evaluation of performance, by dishonest or deceptive means.” ( Seneca College Academic Integrity Policy – Cheating )


6 Tests - 50% (10%/ea)
6 Assignments - 50% ([A1] = 5%, [A2-A6] = 9%/ea)

Promotion Policy

Make-up (replacement) tests? No.

We don’t do make-up or replacement tests, for a number of reasons, including the following:

Therefore, no make-up or replacement tests.

Due date extensions? No.

We don’t do due date extensions for assignments, for a number of reasons, including the following:

Therefore, no due date extensions.