Web Programming for Apps and Services

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WEB422 Week 6 Notes

The theme for the remainder of the course is to cover the Angular platform.

This week, it’s all about getting started with Angular. Then, beginning next week, we’ll do a weekly deep dive into these important app dev topic areas:

  1. Components
  2. Routing
  3. Services
  4. Forms

After that, we’ll put together a number of apps.

Remember to frequently use the learning resources.


A number of them:

Getting started:

Topic sequence

The recent coverage of React introduced you to a new way to think about building a client-side web app. Now, we do it again in Angular.

To get started, read this introduction to Angular, and also follow its links to read or skim additional content.

Next, follow along as you get started with Angular. Learn how to install the developer bits, and generate a starter app.

Once we have our Angular development setup running, we repeat or highlight some of the important topics and concepts from the getting started guide and tutorials.

Lastly, we will discuss how Components are handled in Angular, starting with a brief introduction, followed by a code example.

Once we are comftorable working with components, we can continue progressing through Angular in the following weeks. This will include topics such as, routing, services, forms, etc.