Web Programming for Apps and Services

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Here, you will find the links to the weekly notes. Please also remember to refer to the learning resources for additional help.

Week Theme
1 - Notes Welcome to WEB422:

  • Dev environment setup
  • Re-introduction to back-end web services and testing
2 - Notes Bootstrap 3, jQuery and Other Libraries:

  • Short jQuery with Bootstrap 3 Review
  • Helpful utility functions with Lodash & Rendering Data
  • Handling Date / Time information using Moment
3 - Notes Introduction to Component-based architecture using React:

  • Introduction to React
  • Getting started by running the default App
  • Introduction to React Components
4 - Notes Continue React Development:

  • Handling Events and Rendering Data
  • Introduction to Routing
  • Creating a UI with 3rd party Components
5 - Notes React Forms & Deployment:

  • Processing forms in React
  • Serving a React App
6 - Notes Introduction to Angular:

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Getting started by running the default App
  • Introduction to Angular Components and Templates
7 - Notes Additional Bindings, Directives, Events & Routing:

  • Attribute, Class, Style Bindings & Directives
  • Emitting Events
  • Introduction to Routing
8 - Notes Introduction to Services, HttpClient & More Routing Options

  • Angular Services Introduction
  • Working with a Web API in Angular
  • Angular Routing Continued
9 - Notes Introduction to Working with Forms in Angular

  • Angular Forms Introduction
  • Element "State" & Validation
10 - Notes Introduction to Angular Deployment & Testing

  • Introduction to Building / Deploying an Angular app using Netlify
  • A brief introduction to the Angular testing landscape
11 - Notes Introduction to Securing a Web API with JWT

  • Introduction to JWT
  • Review User Account Management / Security (MongoDB / bcrypt)
  • Securing routes in an existing API using Passport.js / Passport-jwt
  • Updating an Angular app to use JWT (Route Guards / Http Interceptors)
12 - Notes Introduction to

  • Creating a server using Node/Express for managing socket connections
  • Developing an Angular application which contains a working "chat window"